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When you want to keep all of your most important documents safe, there’s a couple ways you can approach the issue. The first and most traditional option would be to get a secure container of some kind – like a safe – and put your will, marriage certificate and everything else important to you in and slide it under your bed. Not a bad option, sure, but it could be better.

secure online document

While this is secure enough and it does provide total control of your documents in your own home. What it doesn’t protect against is getting burgled or having a flood or a house fire. All of these things are traumatic enough without having to go through the time and expense of having to get everything replaced.

The good news is that there is another, more secure alternative.

Secure Online Document Storage

At Wise Will & Trusts, we offer secure online document storage that keeps your most important documents and digital assets safe. Modern technology has moved at a pace in recent years and online digital storage now allows your documents to be secured in a way that provides the real peace of mind of knowing that we’ve got a round-the-clock watch on them and that they can be accessed as when you need them.

So, whether you’re looking to store your will, your Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) documentation or anything else, we can most certainly accommodate. We’ll get your documents quickly and easily uploaded online and secured. And when you need to access them, all you need to do is type in your unique username and password to get in.

This also means that you can access them from anywhere with a PC, laptop smartphone for that extra bit of convenience.

More Secure Than Email

You may ask “Why not store just your documents digitally and email them to people when you need to?”. Well, as useful as email is for many different purposes, it just presents too many security risks and you really don’t want your vital documents exposed in this way. Depending on where you’re emailing to, your email can be routed through various different servers and it can be intercepted at any point along the way.

Also, most people get multiple emails each day and whether you like it or not, they can sometimes get lost. Most of us can recall being sent an email, only for it to be found lurking in someone’s spam folder further down the line. Imagine realising that a copy of your most personal documentation was potentially sitting unprotected in someone else’s email inbox or on someone’s server. It really doesn’t bear thinking about.

It’s for this reason that secure online document storage is the best option when it comes to digitally storing your most important paperwork. A system that allows you to electronically track precisely who has accessed your documents and when they were accessed is the only sensible option. It’s not by accident that it’s the preferred mode of document storage in the legal profession.

Fast Access to Your Documentation

When we say the online document storage service we offer is secure, it’s no empty promise. In fact, the document storage service we offer meets ISO standards, key regulatory compliance standards and it’s even government security tested. Using the service is super-easy and it makes accessing and sending documentation fast too, rather than having to wait for snail mail to get it where it needs to go.

In a scenario where you’ve passed away, you want your will and testament to be carried out as quickly as possible, so that your family and loved ones are taken care of without delay. Traditional means of document transportation can really hold up proceedings, whereas with secure online document storage, it’s much, much faster. With a touch of a button, your Legal Power of Attorney (LPA), your will and testament or any kind of documentation can be where it needs to be almost instantaneously.

So, now we know what the main benefits are, but what exactly does the secure online document storage provide?

Other Digital Assets

Since the advent of modern technology, there is an added element to anyone’s estate and it comes in the form of digital assets. We’re talking about bank account passwords, iTunes music collections, eBay accounts and Amazon accounts. Any digital asset that has worth can be protected online using our secure online document storage service.

When someone passes away without storing the details required to manage all of these digital assets, the probate process can be delayed significantly. That’s because without the necessary usernames and passwords, the executor won’t have any idea what digital assets even exist. Not only that but it will keep all of this information safely and centrally stored in case you ever need it while you’re alive.

What You Get

When you sign up for our document storage service, you get the same high levels of professionalism and care as with any Wise Will & Trusts service. However, you get quite a bit more than than.

You get:

  • Storage space in our secure ‘cloud’ vault
  • 24/7 Access to your documents and digital assets
  • No limit on the number of authorised people granted access
  • Customisable individual security permissions
  • Support from our friendly team

What’s more, everything is provided at an affordable price and it puts you in complete control of your documentation and digital information.

Better For the Environment

Another reason to consider using secure online document storage is because of the lack of impact it has on the environment. Firstly, not having your documents printed out as a hard copy means less trees are being cut down to create them and using cloud services – as opposed to digitally storing documents on a physical server – is known to result in a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Climate change is an important ecological issue that affects everyone and if we all do the small things, it can add up to a big change.

Interested in Secure Online Document Storage?

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why secure online document storage is the best option to keep your important documents safe and out of the hands of unauthorised people. In addition to being more secure, it’s faster, more ecologically sound and it allows documents to be transported far more safely than other online methods like email.

If you’d like to know more about securing your documents online with us, we’d love to hear from you. You can find out more by visiting us online at or by calling us on 01491 598005. Our team is on hand to explain everything including pricing and anything else you’d like to know about the service.

Thanks for reading. We hope that our blog has shown you just what a great option secure online document storage is for your important paperwork.