Funeral Planning services

When you consider the alternative to not having any arrangements in place, funeral planning services represent the easiest and most stress-free way to take the financial pressure off of those you leave behind when you die. Not only that but they help protect your estate from any future price rises in the funeral industry.

The scenario so many finds themselves in is dying without any funeral plan in place and it’s a scenario that is not very palatable for anyone involved. If you’re married when you pass away, your surviving spouse will be faced with having to pay for your funeral in full and with the average cost in the UK sitting at around £4,000, it’s something that you should try and avoid if possible.


When someone loses a loved one or spouse, it can be devastating and the last thing you want to leave your spouse is the worry of how to find the necessary funds for your funeral. The added stress of having to find a large sum of money at short notice is an unwelcome concern at a time like this and the funeral planning services we provide can make sure that this never happens

Funeral plans can even be set up to pay for the first partner’s funeral so that the surviving person doesn’t have to face the cost. Of course, it’s best to have a funeral plan in place for both of you, but if money is tight, it’s a good compromise to ensure that at least one of you is covered.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans – Protecting Your Beneficiaries

When you take out a funeral plan, you not only get the peace of mind of knowing that arrangements are in place, but you also protect your beneficiaries and the estate that you leave behind. On average, funeral costs in the UK can go up by as much as 10% each year, meaning that while the average cost is now £4,000, by 2030, it will likely be in excess of £10,000.

What a pre-paid funeral plan should not be confused with is funeral insurance that pays out when you die. It differs in the fact that you’re buying your funeral in advance at today’s prices and it’s something that will mean that when you die, your family won’t be asked to stump up any money to cover any unexpected expenses.

We offer a set pre-paid funeral plans as set out below.

Leave Behind the Ultimate Gift

Pre-paid funeral plans represent the ultimate gift to leave behind for your loved ones, as the cost of laying you to rest would otherwise reduce the size of your estate When you consider just how much your funeral could cost by the time you pass away, it’s perhaps one of the most prudent moves you could make to protect your family.

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