Inheritance Tax UK and Why Estate Planning is Important

At Wise Will and Trusts, our expertise and years of experience in estate planning helps protect more of your estate from inheritance tax UK for your loved ones

There are a variety of reasons why you should consider employing our estate planning services, from wanting to know how to avoid inheritance tax on property to understanding the inheritance tax threshold UK. Whatever your estate planning needs are, we can help.

Avoiding Probate Issues – probate describes the court-supervised authentication of a person’s last will and testament or trust will. This is an often lengthy and costly process that typically occurs when arrangements haven’t been formally put into place to deal with your affairs when you pass away.

Avoiding a Complicated Mess – When you don’t make an estate planning, it can cause a lot of wasted time and money. Clearly determining who gets what and appointing someone to execute your will helps make everything that much simpler. It also prevents any potential family disagreements and ensures you learn how to avoid inheritance tax.

Protecting Your Beneficiaries – When minor beneficiaries exist, it’s prudent to protect them and their future finances. A comprehensive estate planning can protect them, so that their inheritance or trust will benefit them when they become an adult. Adult beneficiaries can also be protected in this way.

Protecting Assets – There are good reasons to avoid the threats attacking your assets when you die and estate planning is something that can help you to protect them. Fail to do so and you could see a big bite taken out of any of your assets who’s value goes over the inheritance tax threshold UK.

protecting assets

  • Personal belongings
  • Stocks & shares
  • Insurance policies
  • Property Portfolios
  • Buy-to-let properties
  • Investments
  • Business Interests

avoiding threats

  • Care fees
  • Inheritance tax UK
  • Marriage after death
  • Divorce or separation settlements
  • Creditors or Bankruptcy claims
  • Taxation

We completely understand that no two clients’ needs are the same, which is why we take the time to learn your goals and ambitions. Our specialist knowledge in this particular area also allows us to protect your assets from inheritance tax UK and other main threats to your estate.

Friendly, Patient, Impartial Advice

The estate planning services we provide will help you minimise the threat of inheritance tax UK, so that those you bequeath your assets to get as much of your estate as is possible. Once we have identified your requirements, we will arrange a face-to-face video consultation so that we can discuss things in more detail. This allows us to explain things fully so that you understand completely how things will work.

So, if you would like to talk to us about how to avoid inheritance tax, creating a UK living trust or anything else we encourage you to book a personal consultation. Our team can help with estate planning today for your family bloodline and for future members of your family and is available at Wise Will and Trusts today on 01491 598005. Why not call us today for a friendly, no-obligation chat?

Our team is ready and waiting to help and looking forward to taking your call.