LPA’s, Wills And Trusts to Safeguard Your Financial Future

At Wise Will and Trusts, we help make sense of the complexities of creating a last will and testament so that you and your family are protected for the future

If you were to die, can you say for sure that your assets and family are protected? Believe it or not, over half of adults in the UK don’t have a last will and testament in place. LPAs, wills and trusts exist to ensure that your next of kin don’t have to go through a lengthy court process and that they receive the full financial benefit of their inheritance when you pass away.

If you don’t officially document what you’d like to happen to your assets and your children after you die, you could leave your loved ones in an emotionally and financially difficult position. At Wise Will & Trusts, we can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that everything’s sorted.

PPT, PPPT, Living Wills, Mirror Wills & More

At Wise Will & Trusts, we offer a comprehensive range of legal and estate administration services that are designed to ensure that you’re covered and your family and your assets are protected. As well as serving our clients in Henley, our experts in Legal services also cover Marlow, Reading, Maidenhead, High Wycombe, Bracknell and the wider UK. Read on to discover the comprehensive nature of what we offer.

Professional Will Writing Services

Without a last will and testament in place when you die, you’re classed as being ‘intestate’, which means that your assets may not end up being inherited by those you would wish. Ensure that those closest to you are provided for by speaking to the Wise Will and Trusts team today about living wills, mirror wills or to have your last will and testament arranged.

Estate Planning & Trusts

When you have an estate plan set up, you can protect your assets and properties from the many forms of taxation that exist. By creating an asset trust, you can avoid the government taking a big slice of the inheritance you leave behind, as well as making the estate administration much less stressful for everyone concerned.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

If you become incapacitated and unable to make key financial and family decisions without an LPA in place, the whole scenario can end up being complicated, stressful, time-consuming and expensive. With a Lasting Power of Attorney set up, you can nominate a trusted loved one who can make those decisions on your behalf. Ensure that your wishes are adhered to by arranging an LPA with a member of our expert team today.


When anyone passes away, it can be a very trying time for relatives and loved ones and while the job of dealing with probate administration is a necessary one, it’s not usually welcome. Our team can help you deal with all of the required paperwork for a fixed fee, leaving you free to concentrate on what really matters.

Funeral Services Planning

There’s enough to cope with when you pass away, without the burden of having to find thousands of pounds to pay for your funeral arrangements. At Wise Will & Trusts, we offer pre-paid funeral plans that allow you to buy your funeral in advance and take the financial strain of those you leave behind. They help you protect you from future funeral price rises too.

Taking the Stress Out of Estate & Probate AdministrationMaking Difficult Times Simpler and Less Stressful

Those who plan for their future invariably have an easier and simpler time of things during emotionally difficult times like when someone passes away. All of the legal services we offer are designed to protect you, your assets and your loved ones if the worst were to happen. There has never been a better time to get your affairs in order.

If you’d like to know more about any of the legal services we offer at Will and Trusts, give us a call now on 01491 598005 and let our expert team talk you through the affordable ways you can create a certain future for your family. Alternatively, if you’d like more information on what we do, visit us online at www.wisewillandtrusts.co.uk. We look forward to helping you with all your legal services needs.